At the salon we offer many luxurious treatments…

Our beauty salon’s highly trained wellness experts offer beauty treatments including:

Eyelash extensions

Classic lashes: Enhance your natural lashes with 1 on 1 individual lashes. – £40 – 1 hour 30

Mixed lashes: more than classic and a little less than Russian, mixed lashes are a happy medium. they are great for disguising gaps without being ‘too much’ again coming in different lengths, thicknesses and curls – £50 – 1 hour 45

Russian volume lashes: fans are made individually by hand to create a glamorous, fluffy look.  – £60 – 2 hours

KIM K lashes: Wispy, strip lash look inspired by Kim Kardashian. – £65 – 2 hours

Infills: as your natural lashes grow, your extensions will not only grow out too, but shed when your natural lashes shed. to keep them looking lovely top ups for are required every 2-3 weeks-

KIM K – £34
Russian – £31
Mixed – £28
Classic – £25

Lash lift and tint: natural lashes are lifted from the root creating a beautiful and dramatic curl. No need for maintenance, the results last 4-6 weeks until the curl grows out- £28 – 1 hour


Brow Lamination: A Total game changer to brows! The latest way to get your featheriest eyebrows ever. Sparse eyebrows? No problem this treatment will help you get the FULLEST brows. Last up to 6 weeks! Includes brow tint and shape. £30 – 45min

Brow Precision: The method which consists 7 steps, resulting in beautifully tailored brows, whether it’s taming bushy brows, or creating a whole shape and putting you on a regrowth program, you’re guaranteed to leave the studio with brows to be proud of- £25 – 45 mins

Shape and tint: eyebrow wax, pluck and tint using refectocil brow tint- £15 – 20 mins

Shape: eyebrow wax and tweeze – £10 – 15 mins